"We see the hope and potential in every young person!"

About Us


Our History

Weyburn Youth Centre has been a part of the Weyburn community since 1992, and is a part of Southeast Saskatchewan Youth for Christ.  Since the beginning, people who have cared about the youth of Weyburn and the communities of the southeast have sought to reach out to them to meet their needs where they are - social, spiritual, physical, and mental.  It has always sought to be relevant and proactive to reach teens in the culture in which they live, and to act as a signpost to God within their world.  


Youth for Christ Around the World

Southeast Saskatchewan Youth for Christ is part of Youth for Christ / Youth Unlimited which is an international ministry. Youth for Christ (YFC) was founded in 1944 and its first worker was Billy Graham. YFC Canada is structured as an association of chapter ministries, each receiving their  “charter” from the National Office of YFC Canada. Each of its 30 + chapters has an independent board of directors and is a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency. Each chapter is led by an Executive Director who oversees the vision, direction and overall operation of the local chapter.  


YFC in Southeast Saskatchewan

Each Chapter also is also encouraged to reach out beyond the boundaries of its community to other communities and begin work in those areas as well. These ministry expansions are referred to as “satellite ministries”.  The Southeast Saskatchewan YFC Chapter has a  satellite ministry in Kipling.  If you are a community in southeast Saskatchewan that is interested in youth ministry locally, please contact the Executive Director to talk about ministry with your young people.

Seven Guiding Principles of Southeast Saskatchewan YFC

These guiding principles are specific to the development of our mission of spiritual  transformation, our programs and services.

Youth Wholeness


We go to where youth are found by means of staff/volunteer teams, seeking to foster them in whole-person development – mental, physical, social, emotional and spiritual –and leadership formation. This is both within the context of mentoring relationships and communities of care, and to advocate for their needs.  

Staff Wholeness


We strive to facilitate team and individual development of staff and volunteers in spiritual formation, knowledge, skill, gifting, leadership, personal, team and family relationships. 

Creation of Discipleship Communities


We seek to build relationships and communities for and with young people that link them into the wider body of the church and provide a context for them to become life long disciples of Jesus.

Strategic Leadership


We strive to be strategic in our vision and in our response, utilizing diversity in programming and doing ongoing evaluation so as to be relevant and effective in reaching a wide-range of youth.

Community and Social Engagement


We seek to mobilize both the Christian and wider community and to partner with those who are like-minded, in order to optimize a coordinated response to youth needs, physical, social and spiritual.  

Resource Sharing


If at all possible we seek to share our God-given resources with the broader community locally, nationally and globally.  

Emerging Leadership Development


We seek to be a movement in raising up a new generation of leaders and opening up the doors for them to achieve their greatest potential, giving guidance and direction along the way.